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AVTAA Examination Details  

The examination consists of up to 200 multiple choice questions and a short answer written clinical competency exam.  The multiple choice exam is administered in the morning and the clinical competency exam is administered in the afternoon.  Both exams may include latent images, computer simulations or audiovisual aids as part of the testing process. The exam candidate will have 4 hours to complete the multiple choice exam and 3 hours to complete the clinical competency exam.  

Topics to be covered on the examination are those that are crucial to anesthesia and peri-operative analgesia. Topics included, but not limited to, the following are: 

Anesthesia for Neurology patients
Anesthesia for Orthopedic patients
Anesthesia for Gastrointestinal patients
Renal/Hepatic patients
Anesthesia/Post- anesthesia care
Triage/Emergency Care
Anesthesia Monitoring 
Equipment use, troubleshooting and maintenance
Anesthesia Procedures  

Ancillary diagnostic techniques will be included in each topic where appropriate. Anatomy and physiology, data collection/identification of problems will also be covered.  The VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia) has to have an understanding of clinical techniques and how procedures are performed.  Therefore, the examination will include indications, equipment needed, complications, and troubleshooting with regard to common clinical procedures.

Examination Dates